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6 Ways To Start With Search Engine Optimization

2015-04-24 13:55:03 | suman sourav | SEO for Bignners

6 ways to start with serach engine optimization

SEO is now a days become very important tool for web marketing. So the first challenging question that arises in our mind is to how to take first step. So here we go, following are the 6 steps that can help you to kick off the basic tricks of SEO-

Keywords, title tag, page URLs, and internal links

For any SEO, the building block of a site is well optimized content. Different kinds of on and off page factors contribute directly to the optimization journey. Whatever the search algorithm may have, the above 4 factors are the most important factors 

So once that we know what are the factors that determine any search, we can start resolving whatever problems we are facing. But before doing that, we must understand all the aspects in and out. There are several tools available for checking up on how the website is doing. These tools help determine the current standing of the business. One such tools is Website Optimization Grader. Once we one know what are the problems that are affecting your website then we can easily solve those problems. So here are some more points to focus on that will help you to kick off the SEO in vyparmantra way.

XML sitemap

 What are sitemaps? The first question that arises in our mind, so sitemap is way to tell google about pages of a particular website which might not have discovered by google. It is basically the idea of those pages. . It also supplies more information to Google such as page update requirement, Meta tag description data. So without all this your website will be like a cripple without crutches. We can eliminate these problems in several ways that will be coming in later stages of our blog

Google+ Authorship

Google+ Authorship plays a vital role in accelerating the hits on a website. By incorporating Google+ you will be able to attract more and more visitors to your website. And it will also help you to make a brand of your own through authorship, if you are not use using Google+ then it’s the right time to kick off because it’s never too late.

Canonical URLs

The best way to optimize your search results is to use canonical URLs. If a URL has been canonicalized then the SERPs will display the page that is required in spite that site may contain several pages. If Google is not informed of the version of the page, it might end up showing results which are of no use at all. Use of Google Webmaster tools will inform Google as to which type of URL is to be used.

Ensuring Optimized Results

The best way to ensure optimized content is by using relevant keywords, which are original and ones unique to your business. Google Keyword Planner is the best tool for those users who find difficult to determine keywords. It suggests relevant keywords for your website, and also the search rate for each keyword. Using popular and common keywords is a great way to bring in the traffic but there is trade of  between using this method and using unique keywords that is Using such keywords brings with it the threat of major competition with other related businesses.  Google Keyword Planner also gives an idea of the level of competition.

Content Updating

Content updating is the last but not the least point regarding the kick off SEO. Google loves fresh content so in order to get best results, it is the most crucial parts of SEO. Not only this is crucial, it keeps your client base engaged and that results in more business. If time is not in your pocket then you can always take help of scheduling software. This software can help by automatically posting updates from time to time. Whenever you have the time to update the content, you can do it by yourself or you can easily rely on the software.

5 Ways To Make Better Brand With Facebook

2015-04-24 16:36:33 | suman sourav | social media trends

5 Ways To Make Better Brand With Facebook

Facebook is one of the best and popular platform to engage in social contacts but it is also one of the best platform to boost your business and there is no such platform in digital world that can promote your business in the way facebook does. And if you have not been utilizing it so far, now is the time. Do it and see the difference.


Why Facebook integration is Important?


Virtually in today’s scenario everybody is on facebook, and Digital marketers realizes it’s potential. So everybody wants to take the advantage of this opportunity. Never before in history have big brands embraced or accepted a third party network like Facebook for their own promotional purposes. So there you go, facebook integration is very important.


Enabling a Brand to talk to People


If you have a popular brand then it might make sense to hop on to facebook and use its traffic to promote than trying to woo people out of it.

Now For enabling your brand to talk to people you have to figure out your product can transform itself to the Facebook audience. The reason why you’re trying to promote your product is that its not popular or at least to the level that you wished for. So, this is the right time to search and formulate new strategies to make your brand aware in front of people. One thing that you can do is learn to take feedback and talk to people what they really want from your brand.


Start considering feedback of people


Not everybody is a fan of feedback, but to embed this habit can make your brand go to new heights. Truth is that there might be someone out there who can help you with a better idea or make you realize a flaw in your product that you have been missing so far. In order to grow, you have to start taking feedback.

One of the daily process of Facebook is taking feedback. Every minute you get feedback from other people. It often is negative feedback or criticism but it is very crucial. Do not fight against your feedback but to embrace it in making greater efforts. Today, brands use Facebook to get feedback from its users. From product reviews to pricing strategies, everything can be done on Facebook. Time are gone when brands needed research agency. 


Try to show faces in your products, not brand


Facebook is an excellent platform to “humanize” your brand. Along with it is free, so who doesn’t want to take a chance on this!

Automobiles companies try to make their front portion to look like a smiley because people see faces in products. So try to make your brand or product to have faces then facebook can rely help you with it.


Figure out the potential of the market


Facebook is an excellent platform to find out if there are opportunities to grow in the market. You can easily see people trying to find about the details of products in certain areas. These interaction with your target audience is the most valuable insight you can get about improving your product.

Facebook can provide you with details that can cost you a fortune if you gave this project to a research agency.


People always loves Popular Brand


The key of being a brand popular does not only lie on its good product but also on the relationship between the user and the brand.  People trust brands because they “connect” with them, Be it a premium one or an FMCG. So the really popular brands are the ones that are close to people, who interact and talk to people day in and day out, stand with them and make their lives better. And today, there is no other platform that lets you do this so efficiently other than Facebook.



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