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Corporate PR India’s corporate culture is growing at very fast rate and it’s high time the small as well as big organizations learn that they need proper strategy to make their mark in this competitive market.

What used to be a need for a televised broadcast, newspaper coverage, or radio time in order to get coverage has since evolved into an internet-induced cloud of online branding. The newest form of an endless shelf life advertisement is through internet visibility. Online media is the replacement of traditional media and is now the standard media for new Generation. Search engine optimization, content publishing, social media releases and podcasts are just some of the contemporary forms replacing newspapers, radio slots, and even T.V. ads. This is why public relations is growing and becoming the newest form of marketing and promotion. It’s no longer about just getting your name out there; it’s also about serving a purpose. Reaching customers and audiences in subtle yet effective ways is the latest trend in company exposure. So we are the agency who understands these things and will help you in making a mark in this competitive field.

Following are some data which will show you how today’s business is very much dependent on social media:-

  • 93% of marketers use social media for business.
  • 83% Of Twitter Users Expect A Same-Day Customer Service Response
  • 189 million of Facebook's users are "mobile only."
  • Even though 62% of Marketers blog or plan to blog in 2013, only 9% of Indian marketing companies employ a full-time blogger.
  • 25% of smartphone Owners ages 18 to 44 say they can't recall the last time their smartphone wasn't next to them.
  • More than 88% of consumers are influenced by other consumers' online comments.

How we will make your presence on online world?

The image or brand we create with our social marketing should be the same as the brand or image we create with print, radio, television and Internet. Social media merchandising should:

  • Show the product or service in the best possible light
  • Reflect company policy on customer service
  • Appeal to customers
  • Create a forum where customers can interact with you.

Following are the things that we will do to strengthen you social marketing efforts:-

  • Post information that engages your customers and that they will find useful.
  • Offer them value, like new product information or a daily sale.
  • Try new things to give your customers a reason to interact. We will try to give regular, respectful, professional feedback.
  • Write clear, brief messages.