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Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns that can give your business a new meaning!!

Content and inbound marketing is not complete without Email marketing.

To full you clients email inbox with your mails is not easy task, it takes great amount of effort along with catchy heading, quality content and innovative graphics. Vyapar mantra builds and manages such type of branded emails that will make your client and prospects more attentive. We are one of the recognized email marketing consultant. If you are looking to build a subscription –based email list or wanting above average open rates and click throughs for your mails, then we are your agency as we tend to focus on these three aspects when it comes to email marketing. At Vyapar mantra, we specializes in creating HTML mails that have stellar subject lines which automatically converts. Our true and real email marketing strategies will fuel your campaigns and generate a higher number of engagement.

We will make sure that you don’t have to do anything, you just need to program your ESP to send automatic mails. In today’s scenario you can’t expect to get your audience through blog posts only, it requires more smart effort like an RSS-fed email sent at the right time and then you can expect your message to be heard. Now the problem arises to choose the right ESP as so many automated and big names ESPs has emerged that you can get confuse in choosing the right thing. Email marketing has now become smarter than ever as you can get different automated marketing solutions at different cost. Vyapar mantra knows that one may need help in choosing and utilizing the fullest of these advanced functionalities. So, our team remains updated in order to help you with this ever evolving online world.

We are expert in aspects which are very important from the point of email marketing like we focus on optimizing your lists, extracting duplicate or inactive users, creating stellar and involving emails, choosing best subject lines, and making sure that all the automated functionalities are in good shape. Our focus not only remain concentrated on theses aspects only but after this it shifts on the information resulted from doing above things. We also measure, analyze and adjust the information to get better results.

Creating content remains one of the major target of our team. We also builds strategy and do email marketing automation. All these things can take your strategy to new heights. We are expert in email marketing consulting on a campaign basis and if you are our content and inbound marketing clients then we will run email marketing as part of ongoing deposit.

Vyapar mantra can help you in creating an efficient email marketing strategies, if you are looking to promote your brand or showing you brand to other people so that they can get reminded of your brand. We can also make marketing automation strategies that can be embedded with your website and brand.


Email marketing which is effective and fulfills your client’s inbox!!!

  • MailChimp, Constant Contact, ExactTarget, Hubspot and more
  • HTML Email Designs
  • RSS-Fed Emails
  • Automated Marketing and Lead Nurture
  • Custom Email Templates
  • Subscription-Based List Building
  • Reporting and Analysis

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