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SEO Strategy (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO Strategy is a combination of three closely related aspects of content i.e. quality, quantity, and distribution.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO strategy has evolved over the years. Earlier, it was mainly about high keyword density and increasing number of links towards your website. People were easily doing this by what is called Black hat SEO like key word stuffing and link farming. Google algorithms was having loop holes as a result of which companies exploited these loopholes and they used black hat SEO in every possible way. As all the wrong doings were working at that time some digital agencies benefited from it.

In today’s scenario these SEO tactics does not work, it will harm your website ranking or else it will get you blacklisted. Google has now really updated there algorithms with the every new coming information and it is constantly trying to put out best content to the searchers and rule out the spams. The two updates of Google i.e. panda and penguin updates really shaped the today’s SEO tactics. Google aim is simple, they always reward those sites which have quality content and are best at what they present. So, for those who really focuses on keywords and good content will still get the best ranking in SERPs.

Now the challenges of SEO are more complex and complicated in nature. No one can now promise you to get your site the best SEO and make your website come in Google first page within a limited period of time. It takes a good amount of knowledge and dedicated work to get on the top results of search engines, it requires a touch of SEO professionals. It also requires a monthly budget and the right approach. Gone are the days when SEO were just dependent on –page copy, links and keywords, it is now dependent of variety of digital marketing activities like email marketing, social media sharing, customer relationship management and a good content strategy. SEO now uses several things like content marketing, blog posts, landing pages, infographics, video, on-page updates, PR and keyword analysis along with it integrates aspects like user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design, conversion rate optimization (CRO) and call-to-action (CTA) strategy. With all the above requirements SEO is now not only dependent on one SEO specialist but it has become the job of several people. The level of complexity that now SEO has requires a variety of experts in order to do a great SEO work. At Vyapar mantra, we have the team who can do all these complex tasks and make your website reach to new heights.


We love developing SEO strategy. With Vyapar mantra transform your website ranking in search engines.

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